Collaboration Programmes


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Code Topics Days
A ITC’s Modular Learning System in Supply Chain Management (MLS-SCM)
A1 Understanding the Corporate Environment (M1) 2
A2 Specifying Requirements & Planning Supply (M2) 2
A3 Analysing Supply Markets (M3) 3
A4 Developing Supply Strategies (M4) 3
A5 Appraising & Shortlisting Suppliers (M5) 3
A6 Obtaining & Selecting Offers (M6) 3
A7 Negotiating (M7) 3
A8 Preparing the Contract (M8) 2
A9 Managing the Contract & Supplier Relationships (M9) 2
A10 Managing Logistics in the Supply Chain (M10) 3
A11 Managing Inventory (M11) 3
A12 Measuring & Evaluating Performance (M12) 3
A13 Environment Procurement (M13) 3
A14 Group Purchasing (M14) 3
A15 E-Procurement (M15) 3
A16 Customer Relationship Management (M16) 3
A17 Operations Management (M17) 3
A18 Managing Finance along the Supply Chain (M18) 3
A19 SCM for SMEs 5
A20 Total Supply Chain 2
A21 Total Supply Chain II – Make, Deliver and Plan  2
  Supply Chain Management Programme
A22 Advanced Negotiation – Game Theories 3
A23 Basic Negotiation Skills 2
A24 Best Practice in Procurement Sourcing Strategies 2
A25 Best Practices in Supply Chain Management focusing on 7 Wastes 2
A26 Best Practice in Inventory Management 2
A27 Dangerous Goods & Cargo Security 2
A28 Import & Export Trade 2
A29 Measuring Logistics Performance 2
A30 Negotiation for Win-Win Strategy 2
A31 Negotiation & Mediation Best Practices Impacting the Supply Chain 2
A32 Supply Chain Cost Management 2
A33 Supply Chain Management: Life-Time-Buy, Buy and Sell 2
A34 Supply Chain Operational Excellence 2
A35 Supply Markets Analysis and Supplier Assessment 3
A36 Strategies Sourcing Skills 2
A38 Strategic Procurement  
B Quality & Production Programme
B1 5S – The Practice of Good Housekeeping 2
B2 8D Problem Solving 2
B3 Advanced Toolbox for RCA 2
B4 Advanced Product Quality Planning and Production Part Approval Process Training 2
B5 Best Practices in Quality Management Focusing on Continuous Improvement 2
B6 Best Practice of FMEA &Poka Yoke 2
B7 Cost of Poor Quality 2
B8 Cost Reduction Strategies in Manufacturing Environment 2
B9 Establishment and Maintenance of Control Plan 1
B10 Establishing The Quality Management System Documentation 2
B11 Effective Supervisory Skills 2
B12 Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) 2
B13 Fundamentals of Production / Operation Management 2
B14 Hayagawari Quick Change Over Techniques for Lean Six Sigma 2
B15 Lean Manufacturing Fundamentals 2
B16 Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt: Module 1 (Value Stream Mapping) 2
B17 Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt: Module 2 (Lean Tool 1) 2
B18 Problem Solving Using 7 QC Tools 2
B19 Poka Yoke (Mistake Proofing) in Manufacturing 2
B20 Production Techniques for Optimum Efficiency 2
B21 Starpies Methodology Tools & Techniques for Quality Control Circle (QCC) 2
B22 Supervisory Skills Development, Roles & Responsibilities 2
B23 Training on the 5S principles & implementation 2
B24 The 10 Rules of Why Why Failure Analysis 2
B25 The Seven Management & Planning Tools 2
B26 ISO 9001:2015 Internal Auditor Training 2
B27 ISO 9001:2015 Requirement Training and Understanding 2
B28 ISO 14001 EMS Requirement Training and Understanding 2
B29 ISO 14001 Internal Audit Training Programme 2
B30 ISO 14001 Environmental Legal Requirements 2
B31 OHSAS 18001 Occupational Safety & Health Legal Requirements Training 2
B32 OHSAS 18001:2007 Requirement Training and Understanding 2
B33 OHSAS 18001 Internal Audit Training 2
B34 ISO/TS 16949 Auditing 2
B35 Understanding and Implementing ISO/TS 16949 1
B36 Understanding the Environmental Aspect & Impact Assessment 2
B37 Understanding Legal Requirement for Developing Effective Legal Framework & Communication (EQA, FMA, OSHA) 2
C Statistical Competency Development Program
C1 Vital & Practical Statistics – Descriptive Analysis I 2
C2 Vital & Practical Statistics – Descriptive Analysis II 2
C3 Process Stability and Process Capability (SPC) 2
C4 Design of Experiment – Statistical Inference (DOE I) 2
C5 Design of Experiment II – Factorial Experiment (DOE II) 2
C6 Measurement System Analysis (MSA)  2
D Safety & Health
D1 Chemical Safety 1
D2 OSH Awareness For Employees 1
D3 Safe Chemical Handling & Management 2
D4 Manual Handling 1
D5 Safety Committee (Advance) 2
D6 Managing Occupational Safety & Health at Workplace 2
D7 Meeting OSH Legal Requirement 2
D8 1 Day Forklift Safety 1
D9 2 Days Forklift Safety (Competency Training) 2
D11 Reach Truck Competency 2
D12 Accident Investigation 1
D13 Preventing Ergonomic Injuries 1
D14 Machine Safety & Lockout Tagout 2
D15 Electrical Safety & Lockout Tagout 2
D16 PPE 1
D17 Warehouse Safety 2
D18 Occupational Safety & Health Workplace Inspection 2
D19 Behavioral Based Safety 1
D20 Behavioral Based Safety For Supervisors 1
D21 Accident Investigation, Reporting and Preventing Reoccurrence 2
D22 On the Road Behaviour Based Safety and Defensive Driving for Employees 1
D23 Safe Journey Management 1
D24 Hearing Conservation 1
D25 HSE Leadership 2
D26 Overhead Crane Safety 1
D27 Meeting Environmental Legal Requirement 2
D28 Aspect & Impact Training 1
D29 Schedule Waste Management 2 / 1
D30 Environmental Global Challenge, Schedule Waste Management & Chemical Handling 2
D31 Emergency Response Plan & Fire Fighting 1
D33 Emergency Response Plan, Fire Fighting & Chemical Spillage 1
D34 Safely Handling Chemical Spill 1
D35 Safety, Health and Environment Awareness Training for Management 2 / 1
E Others
E1 An Attitude – Mind Set Change Programme 2
E2 Colored Brain Communication to Build Successful Employees and Teams at Work 2
E3 Change your Mindset, Change your Destiny 2
E4 Conflict Management & Building Human Relationship 2
E5 Customer Service Excellence 2
E6 Customer (Patient) Service in Healthcare  
E7 Creative Thinking and Innovation 2
E8 Develop Your Confidence and Powerful Voice 2
E9 Develop Your Personal Resilience 2
E10 Effective Workplace Communication: Proper Emailing 2
E11 Effective Communication & Interpersonal Skills 2
E12 Effective Time Management 1
E13 Effective Business Writing Skills 2
E14 Effective Training Need Analysis and Performance Appraisal 2
E15 Improving Human Resources Productivity 2
E16 Impactful Presentation Skills 2
E17 Interview Techniques 2
E18 Leaders Responsibilities in a Diversified Workforce 2
E19 Lateral Thinking Skills at Work 2
E20 Line Leader Skills & Teambuilding 2
E21 Managing with Emotional Intelligence 2
E22 Motivations and Positive Work Attitudes 2
E23 Negotiation & Influencing Skills 2
E24 Negotiating in a Multicultural Environment 2
E25 Overcoming Negativity and Conflict in the Workplace 2
E26 Personal and Organizational Leadership with The Art of War 2
E27 Revisiting Key Performance Indicators: Towards Result-Driven Operations 3
E28 Strategic Thinking & Re-Positioning 2
E29 Teambuilding – High Performance Team Synergy 1
E30 Teambuilding 2
E31 The Art of Dealing with Difficult People 2
E32 Think Out of the Box 2
E33 Train the Trainer 2
E34 The Art of Influence in Building a Good Relationship 2
E35 Fostering Teamwork & Communication 1
E36 Inspiring Team to be the BEST 1
E37 Building Team Victory Program 1
E38 Creative Thinking & Problem Solving using LEGO Serious Play Methodology 2
E39 Enhancing Team Engagement, Collaboration & Cohesiveness 2
E40 Managing Employee Discipline Skills 2
E41 Managing Conflict @ Workplace 1
E42 Time & Stress Management 2
E43 Coaching 2
F Sales & Marketing
F1 Customer Focused Professional Selling 2
F2 Personal Selling the Basics 2
F3 Professional Selling and Communications 2
F4 Negotiation Skills 2
F5 Professional Selling: Practical Secrets for Successful Sales 2
F6 Developing Effective Marketing Strategies & Strategic Marketing Plan 2
F7 How to Win in Today’s Challenging Market by Thinking, Planning and Acting on Digital? 2
G Security
G1 Core Competency Practices in Security (Level 1) 2
G2 Leaders Development (Level 2) 2
G3 Senior Leaders / Supervisors Management (Level 3) 2