Public Workshops

1 or 2 days public programmes in Supply Chain Management, Quality / Production, HR, Team Building, Soft Skills and etc.


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Code Topics Days
PW Supply Chain Management Programme
PW1 Supply Chain Operational Excellence 2
PW2 Negotiation & Mediation Best Practices Impacting the Supply Chain 2
PW3 Supply Chain Cost Management 2
PW4 Strategies Sourcing Skills 2
PW5 Import & Export Trade 2
PW6 Supply Markets Analysis and Supplier Assessment 2
  Quality / Production Programme
PW7 Production Techniques for Optimum Efficiency 2
PW8 Fundamentals of Production / Operation Management 2
PW9 Effective Supervisory Skills 2
PW10 Supervisory Skills Development, Roles & Responsibilities 2
PW11 Cost of Poor Quality 2
  Soft Skills Programme
PW12 Colored Brain Communication to Build Successful Employees and Teams at Work 2
PW13 Effective Workplace Communication: Proper Emailing 2
PW14 Conflict Management & Building Human Relationship 2
PW15 Develop Your Personal Resilience 2
PW16 Impactful Presentation Skills 1
PW17 Interview Techniques 2